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  1. Many thanks indeed Jan
  2. Friends, These recordings were posted late last year; 17-05-1977 RNI vanuit Tripoli vanaf de Mebo 2 6205khz (bron: de buren) 00-05-1977 RNI vanuit Tripoli vanaf de Mebo 2 6205khz (bron: eigen opname) 02-06-1977 RNI vanuit Tripoli vanaf de Mebo 2 6210 khz (bron: eigen opname) Alle opnamen uit de Golf van Tripoli Could somebody repost them please as I missed them. (or any other recordings from RNI off Libya) Many thanks Ian
  3. Great quality recording Danny and one I have not heard before. Many thanks Ian
  4. Radio Scotland Tony Meehan 22 November 1966 Folks, Jan Fre posted this file some years ago. I have lost it from my collection. Can someone please make it available again. Many thanks in advance Ian
  5. Got it!!! Thanks Paul. Really appreciate it Ian
  6. Or if anyone else has the recording I would appreciate your help
  7. Thanks Danny, much appreciated!! Sorry, I don't have the song you are after.
  8. Hi Paul, Could you please send me a link for this recording again please. I have a problem with my hard drive and some recordings are not backed up like this one!!! Many thanks Ian
  9. Folks, I am sorry, but could I ask for this to be made available once again. I seem to have lost the file and have not backed it up.....silly. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks Ian
  10. Some Caroline on Astra with Roy Masters, Bob Lawrence and Dave Owen. Thanks to Vincent for converting the cassettes!
  11. A programme from the Ross Revenge followed by Steve Conway. Quite interesting. Recorded on 15th November 1998.
  12. A great programme from Dave Owen from 24th February 2002 between 1500-1700.
  13. This was an American landbased pirate that was on short wave from 1973 through to the 90's. Thanks for the recording!
  14. radio caroline

    Again thank you Robin. Ian