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  1. Radio Scotland 242

    Both these recordings have been available in the past, but these are from the original reels recorded by my friend Mike Marwick in Edinburgh so the quality should be as good as you can get! 19051967 1257-1400 Bob Spencer http://www.mediafire.com/file/e564444fde5dk5l/19051967_1257-1400_BobSpencer.mp3 14081967 2100-2152 Tony Allan and Mark West http://www.mediafire.com/file/4thlc8wxq0p3z4k/14081967_2100-2152_TonyAllan%26MarkWest.mp3
  2. Radio Caroline 01121979 Nick Richards

    A studio copy from Nick Richards from 0006-0203 on 1st December 1979 0006-0114 http://www.mediafire.com/file/xohg75hhamq6zgr/01121979_0006-0114_NickRichards.wav 0114-0203 http://www.mediafire.com/file/jzl6j6aygi2ha77/01121970_0114-0203_NickRichards.wav
  3. Radio Caroline 19031980 Not broadcast

    This recording was made by Nick Richards around 0500 on the morning of March 19th 1980. He planned to use the tape between 2000-2100 that night as he wanted to watch a programme on television. As we know events overtook things and only non stop music, religious programmes and numbers were broadcast that night. When Nick was rescued from the Mi Amigo the programme cassette was in his pocket. Here it is; http://www.mediafire.com/file/zds5f6a4n5ve93w/19081980_2000-2100_NickRichards(notbroadcast).wav
  4. Radio Caroline 09111979 Nick Richards

    From the good old Mi Amigo 0000-0100 http://www.mediafire.com/file/yancibe8w81c60t/09111979_0000-0100_NickRichards.mp3 0100-0200 http://www.mediafire.com/file/42k8ethvpbm35vk/09111979_0100-0200_NickRichards.mp3
  5. Mi Amigo 18-10-1974

    As far as I remember Bert Bennett presented an hour called "Schools Out" daily from 1600-1700 starting July 1974. When the schedule changed in February 1975 Bert started presenting from 1400-1600 so Schools Out was dropped. Then, as you say, it returned in October 1975 but only on Wednesday from 1500-1800 presented by Bert and Peter Van Dam.
  6. RNI - 12-03-1970 - 1800-2000 - Andy Archer

    Thanks for this Vincent. Nice that some new RNI FM recordings from 1970 are available.
  7. RNI 30-08-1970

    Perfect Gerrit. Many thanks for that. Ian
  8. RNI 244m 8 juni 1970

    The Axel Show is actually Saturday 4th July 1970
  9. RNI - 21-03-1970 - 2200-0200 - Horst Reiner, Carl Mitcvhell

    Thanks for great quality recordings. The date though is the 22nd March into the 23rd. Ian
  10. RNI 30-08-1970

    The day after the attempted takeover by Kees Mandes. Mark Wesley from 0830-0900 and Andy Archer from 0900-1000. The speed is a little slow, if anyone can easily fix it I would appreciate it. Thanks to Vincent for converting the file. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w6w56d58qu88xbj/30081070_0830-0900_MarkWesley_0900-1000_AndyArcher.mp3
  11. RNI 1970

    From the 27th July 1970 Andy Archer 1700-1800 http://www.mediafire.com/file/n1g6i9xvb1zn90k/27071970_1700-1800_AndyArcher.mp3 John Denny 1800-1940 http://www.mediafire.com/file/a266tmivr0qbf2a/27071970_1800-1940_JohnDenny.mp3 John Denny 1940-2000 Axel 2000-2002 http://www.mediafire.com/file/qgmn018f2ggm2bg/27071970_1940-2000_JohnDenny_2000-2002_Axel.mp3 Thanks to Vincent for digitising!!!
  12. Radio 227

    The recordings of Radio 227 are interesting as when it first came on air when the Laissez Faire returned, it was very much easy listening like Radio Dolfijn. Then Tony Windsor took over and made it into a fast pop station and listening to the recordings it did sound good. Did anyone at the time prefer 227 to Veronica??? Are we sure of the dates on this 1967 06 03 Sat - R 227 - Lodewijk de Hengst, Lex Harding & Graham Gill - Opening Party (43 mins).mp3 I have seen a few dates for the official opening of 227. Does any one know if Saturday 3rd June 1966 is correct??? Thanks again Jan for the great recordings.
  13. Radio 227

    Fantastic Jan. I am interested in anything from Radio 227. It is 50 years since it closed. Thank you Ian
  14. Radio 227

    I wonder does anyone have the following 227 recordings that they could share; 1967.05.13 0726-0805 Look Boden Ontbijtshow.mp3# 1967.05.21 28 minuten Verzoekjes - Look Boden.mp3 1967.06.17 1240-1326 LookBoden.mp3 Many thanks Ian
  15. 270 1967 08-04 PaulKramer - PartyNight

    Thanks for that. A new recording of 279 for me.