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  1. [Norderney192] UK Top 40 finito

    Sad news, i always listened to UK Top 40 since the beginning. A big big thank to Ronny for his great job. What kind of show will replace it ?
  2. It was not a Ronny show but an old remastered " Pick of the Pops" with Alan Freeman show's " Top 3s of 1969 ". This show - and many others - is available on the UK's Azanorak forum, that's where i got it some years ago http://www.azanorak.com/pub/Stations/BBC/BBC_Radio_1/19691228Sun1700-1900BBCR1-AlanFreeman-PickofthePops-Top3sof1969.zip
  3. Hi Peter, Any chance to get the 1970 Top 40 & Tip Parade shows aired on sat July 22 ?
  4. Tipparade 1 juli 1967

    I hope the Tip Parade page will be posted on the 192 forum soon. Thank you
  5. Can someone from radio 192 staff fix hour 2 of the Top 40 link ( Donateur page ) because it don't work. I have sent two emails to the station without success.
  6. Can someone answer to my question ?
  7. I have a question : Which is the good chart for the Tip Parade of June 10, 1967 between these two versions : Radio 192 ( aired June 10, 2017 ) https://www.sendspace.com/file/kigkaq Radio ExtraGold ( aired June 9, 2012 ) https://www.sendspace.com/file/fkktnt Since the official Tip Parade started in April 1970, what are the sources of these charts ? Why the same disc jockey ( Bart ) uses two different charts ? Maybe the two stations have different rules ?
  8. Bedankt for the Klaas Vaak shows, always appreciate shows from this great Dj .
  9. Thank you very much Ronny
  10. Thank you Ronny. Could you, please, inform us about next week's show , as you did it in the past ?
  11. I have the same question, what date was played and will it be posted on this forum ? Thank you
  12. Thank you very very much Rob ! 1000 x Bedankt .
  13. Help ! I have missed the Top 40 from April 1, 1967 ( computer problems ) can someone post the link of the show ? thank you
  14. What is the difference between the same show aired last year and this one ?