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  1. I have the same question, what date was played and will it be posted on this forum ? Thank you
  2. Thank you very very much Rob ! 1000 x Bedankt .
  3. Help ! I have missed the Top 40 from April 1, 1967 ( computer problems ) can someone post the link of the show ? thank you
  4. What is the difference between the same show aired last year and this one ?
  5. The list of the Tip Parade is not published , hope it will be later - thank you.
  6. Hello Radio 192 The Tip Parade chart for February 25, 1967 is invisible
  7. Thank you Paul. I have sent to KX clasics several times a request - on their facebook page - to have the indication of what US Top 100 will be aired on weekends but they never do that effort. there's no program schedule so i guess it's only non stop music.
  8. i guess KX Classics is a different station ?
  9. What's happening in the podcast of the Top 40 on the donateur page ? There is no show anymore since the first week of january ! Did 192 decided to stop posting the podcast of the Top 40 ? There is only the Tip Parade
  10. Thank you very much FredS !
  11. Can someone help me ? I have forgotten to download the Tip parade list on the 192 website for januari 14, 1967. If someone can post it , i wold appreciate, thank you
  12. thank you Peter and Happy New Year to the ExtraGold team
  13. Hope you are right Hendrik , that will be great but we will be missing Dec 31, 1966.
  14. Hello, It's friday nigfht and i still see no information about what shows will be aired this weekend on radio 192.